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Top 21? But weren’t there 25 last year? Well yes. And it was only 15 the year before that. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not that rigid around here – all we really care about is letting you know what we’re loving right now and that’s about it. If we only fall for one record next year then you can probably expect “WiAC’s Top 1 Album of 2011”. It’ll be a good one, though. We promise.

That said, this year was a great year for music. But it was great in a different way than the last couple years. In 2008 and 2009 we fell hard for debut records by new bands (Grand Archives and Harlem Shakes, respectively), but this year our top 5 went to nearly all familiar faces. In fact, I think when we look back on 2010 what we’ll remember most was how artist after artist that released an anticipated album just seemed to deliver – and not just by making good records, but often by making the record of their career. In a year where we listened to more music than ever, we just couldn’t deny that these were the albums we enjoyed the most. Period.

Finally, remember that this list represents our favorite albums of the year, and not necessarily the best albums of the year. If we had to pick what we thought were the very best albums critically, this list would probably look a little different. But we’re not critics, so we’re going to skip all the posturing and taste-making mumbo-jumbo. These are simply our very favorite albums of the year – the ones that made us laugh, cry, dance, smile, press repeat, wet our pants, etc. Basically, this is what we’ll remember when we look back on 2010…

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yeasayerI’m currently in the throws of some diabolical sickness that I’m sure originated in the very deepest depths of Hell. (The same depths reserved for adulterers, liars, and Poly Sci majors)

I related in a past post that I try to make the best of sickness by setting my entire library on ‘shuffle’ and then waiting for death to come. However, this time, that was not the case. I’ve listened to Yeasayer’s Odd Blood eleven times in row and I still can’t get enough. Its incredible.

So incredible in fact that I’ve pulled myself out of bed to type this short exhortation to all of you to listen to this album.  I’m not going to try to hide the fact that the whole things starts off with the weirdest song of the bunch, but don’t let that dissuade you, its solid, and hopefully it just makes you all the more eager to listen to what else lies ahead . We got a taste of how good this album could be when we got ‘Ambling Alp’ last Fall and it delivers on the promises made by that song.  My favorites so far are the more frenzied offerings like ‘Love Me Girl’ and ‘Mondegreen’.

But I know what you’re all asking: What if we don’t have a high fever, will it still be as amazing as you say? More than likely.

And as a sidenote, I love that when you pre-order the CD or vinyl you’re given an electronic version for download immediately. Seriously, genius.

mp3: Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
from the album Odd Blood (buy it here)

mp3: Yeasayer – Love Me Girl
from the album Odd Blood (seriously, buy it)


Monthly Mixtape_0010_NOVEMBER

About half of these I just discovered this month, and about all of them are groups you should be listening to. This month I leaned a little more on the folk-y side of things (with a couple exceptions for sure), which pretty well represents the kind of stuff I’ve been into this Fall. Enjoy!

mp3: Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

mp3: Clare & The Reasons – Ooh You Hurt Me So

mp3: Saintseneca – God Bones

mp3: The Subjects – Winter Vacation

mp3: We All Have Hooks For Hands – Be Love, Be Wild

mp3: Langhorne Slim – I Love You, But Goodbye

mp3: J. Tillman – Crosswinds

mp3: Lisa Hannigan – Lille

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