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I stumbled on The Voice Project a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it… it’s a cool little site dedicated to supporting the women in Uganda who are bringing peace to their war-torn country through music (read all about it here). Not only is the cause worthy, but the music is fantastic, with an array of talented musicians adding their voices by covering an array of other talented musicians. Here’s one of my favorites:

And this one’s pretty great too:

Check out the rest of the sessions at The Voice Project.

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The Submarines just released the new video for “Submarine Symphonika” off last years Honeysuckle Weeks. I think the best word for this is “adorable”.

This video makes me think the same thing I did when I saw them play in SLC – that these guys are just having a really good time. And I just heard some rumors about an LP3 coming soon, so that’s exciting!