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mp3: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want1

mp3: I’m Sorry2

mp3: I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say3

mp3: Please Do Not Let Me Go4

mp3: Was It Something I Said?5

mp3: No6

mp3: It’s Not Your Fault7

mp3: I Can’t Explain8

mp3: I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You9

mp3: It’s Just That Simple10

mp3: Please Please Please11

mp3: Wait12

mp3: I Just Don’t Understand13

mp3: Nobody Gets Me But You14

mp3: Listen to Me15

mp3: You Can Do Better Than Me16

mp3: What Am I Supposed To Do?17

mp3: Just18

mp3: Keep on Chooglin’19

mp3: Pause20

mp3: Pardon Me?21

to be continued…

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I stumbled on The Voice Project a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it… it’s a cool little site dedicated to supporting the women in Uganda who are bringing peace to their war-torn country through music (read all about it here). Not only is the cause worthy, but the music is fantastic, with an array of talented musicians adding their voices by covering an array of other talented musicians. Here’s one of my favorites:

And this one’s pretty great too:

Check out the rest of the sessions at The Voice Project.

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Thanks for bearing with us during my recent Finals-induced silence. But don’t worry, regular posting will resume shortly, since…. I’ve just finished my FIRST YEAR of dental school! That’s right. First year = owned. And oh man does it feel good. In fact, I think this video of Paul McCartney performing “Hey Jude” at the White House pretty much sums up how good I feel right now. It is so good.

Sir McCartney received the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, and performed some special numbers at the White House (including “Michelle”, dedicated, of course, to the first lady). Other performers that night included Stevie Wonder, Jack White, David Grohl, Elvis Costello, Herbie Hancock, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Seinfeld, the Jonas Brothers and more. The Gershwin Prize has only been awarded to Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder before this, and the whole thing will be broadcast on PBS sometime in July.

All in all, it’s almost as cool as me finishing my first year of dental school. Almost.

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Those of you who actually pay attention to who’s writing what on here might have noticed that Logan’s been pretty much carrying the site, since I haven’t written anything for almost a month. I’d say sorry about the prolonged absence, but the truth is, I’m kind of not. Ever since posting our year-end list I’ve taken a pseudo vacation from the internet and it’s been pretty great. I’ve been checking my email only sporadically, reading zero blogs, and mining zero new music. And like I said, it’s been pretty great.

There have been a few contributing factors to my impromptu vacation from posting. First and foremost, between me and my dad we now own both the Stereo and Mono Beatles Remastered box-sets, and those have been demanding all of my listening attention, meaning I haven’t had the time or desire to listen to any new music. (By the way, they sound FANTASTIC.) Second, over the holiday break I had the chance to play a show with several old friends from college, which was not only an incredibly fun experience on its own, but it re-awakened my love for making music that had been lying dormant these past six months. In the past I’ve noticed that whenever I spend more time playing and writing music, I spend a lot less time writing about music, and that seems to be holding true right now as well. Finally, Kristin and I just got a knock-off Nintendo Entertainment System with just one game: Dr. Mario. And that single-handedly is why I haven’t gotten on the internet. I mean, who even NEEDS the internet when you have Dr. Mario?! Seriously.

So that’s why I’ve been M.I.A. – I’ve been listening almost exclusively to The Beatles, I’ve been writing and playing music of my own, and I’ve been playing a lot of Dr. Mario with my wife. I apologize for the absence, but not very sincerely… because it’s been a great month. But I do promise to write more. Because even if I haven’t heard the latezt and hottezt trax yo, I’ve still got lots of great music to talk about. Promise.

mp3: The Beatles – Get Back
from the album Let It Be… Naked (Amazon)

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