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2013 Singles Header

So we had so much fun putting together our Top Albums list, we decided to go ahead and make a Top Songs list too! Hopefully this kind of makes up for not posting all year! This list basically collects the songs that really killed us this year, whether they were world-conquering disco anthems, churning electronic chamber pieces, Billboard Top-40 hits, covers of Billboard Top-40 hits, or slowed-down versions of Dolly Parton classics – these are all just amazing songs.

Our rules for inclusion were simple: only one song per artist (Sorry “Afterlife”!), songs could come from one of our Favorite Albums, but couldn’t have been included in our Favorite Album post (Sorry “Holy”!), and finally, every song had to be unequivocally awesome. I promise they all qualify.

They’re listed below in alphabetical order by artist, because we don’t hate ourselves and weren’t about to rank these in any kind of favorite order. That being said, my favorite song of the year was hands-down “Song For Zula” by Phosphorescent. That song is my 2013 jam. Here’s hoping you find your 2013 jam below.

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Well in case any of you were worried about the recent economic downturn, have no fear, the recession is officially over!

I know right? As someone who finds himself very unemployed right now I’m pretty excited about that.

So today as I sit by my phone anxiously awaiting the avalanche of calls from potential employers I’m fortunate enough to have Tegan and Sara’s latest release Sainthood sitting on my desk. (Right next to my oddly silent phone)

As of writing this I’m only now finishing the album for the first time, but Sainthood has completely hooked me with its wonderfully unrestrained pop music. From the fist-pumping pop-punk fest that is ‘Northshore’ to the sing-along qualities of ‘Hell’, the whole album has energy.

My favorite track so far is ‘Alligator’ a slightly less bombastic offering that would almost feel at home amongst Rilo Kiley’s Under the Blacklight. Its absolutely heartbreaking as the girls join in a soulful harmony about tears being shed over a not-so lost love. Beautiful though, stunning really.

mp3: Tegan and Sara – Alligator
from the album Sainthood (Amazon/iTunes)