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Every year we talk about doing a “Favorite Songs” list, but we never do because it always ends up being so huge and unwieldy (we like a lot of music, alright?!). But this year we decided to just break down and do it, only here’s the catch: these are our Favorite Songs that DIDN’T appear on any of our Favorite Albums. So no matter how amazing “Cold War” or “Ambling Alp” or “We Used To Wait” might be, they won’t be on this list. Instead this gives us a chance to highlight a bunch of other fantastic artists who rocked our cubicle this year!

They’re in alphabetical order, and without any blurbs, so all you have to do is listen! Enjoy!

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Well I had a huge test yesterday, and for awhile there it looked like we weren’t going to go to Lollapalooza at all… but I sucked it up and we were able to make it for just one day, and that day was Saturday. Me and Kristin headed up Friday night after work/school and drove back Sunday morning, and I studied the whole way. In between, though, we heard some pretty amazing music. Click on for the rundown:

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Although on first listen I wasn’t so impressed with Stars‘ latest record, The Five Ghosts – I’ve slowly been coming around to its many charms, mostly thanks to this song worming it’s way deep down into my bones. It’s a perfect bite-sized portion of what Stars do so well, and I’m just really loving it right now.

mp3: Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body
from the album The Five Ghosts (buy it here)



So one of the best parts of Record Store Day for the cash-challenged music-lover (like me!) was the great deals on used stuff to be had. In addition to Josh Ritter’s new record (which is AMAZING – review to follow), I also picked up several used records for cheap.

One of them was Masters of the Burial, last year’s solo record from Amy Millan (the beautiful female half of Stars and frequent Broken Social Scene-ster), which I’ve been wanting to hear for awhile now. It’s fairly subdued, but very lovely – a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon record. She doesn’t break any new ground with it, but it’s a subtle revelation to hear Millan’s voice lifted out of the synth-soaked indie-rock of her usual projects and laid over a more traditional folk backdrop, giving her lilting delivery a whole new face.

Her cover of Death Cab’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” made the rounds on the interweb last year, but it’s a shame to stop there – because there are deeper moments that are littered throughout this little gem that can be far more rewarding. Here are a couple of them.

mp3: Amy Millan – Towers
from the album Masters of the Burial (buy it here)

mp3: Amy Millan – Bury This
from the album Masters of the Burial (buy it here)

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