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Every year we talk about doing a “Favorite Songs” list, but we never do because it always ends up being so huge and unwieldy (we like a lot of music, alright?!). But this year we decided to just break down and do it, only here’s the catch: these are our Favorite Songs that DIDN’T appear on any of our Favorite Albums. So no matter how amazing “Cold War” or “Ambling Alp” or “We Used To Wait” might be, they won’t be on this list. Instead this gives us a chance to highlight a bunch of other fantastic artists who rocked our cubicle this year!

They’re in alphabetical order, and without any blurbs, so all you have to do is listen! Enjoy!

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This song really needs no introduction. It’s been in constant rotation for the past week, and I still haven’t gotten enough. And since I’m in the middle of studying for a pretty big test, that’s all I’ll say today! Enjoy!

mp3: Bon Iver – Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel cover)
from the Peter Gabriel/Bon Iver Split 7″

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