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Every year we talk about doing a “Favorite Songs” list, but we never do because it always ends up being so huge and unwieldy (we like a lot of music, alright?!). But this year we decided to just break down and do it, only here’s the catch: these are our Favorite Songs that DIDN’T appear on any of our Favorite Albums. So no matter how amazing “Cold War” or “Ambling Alp” or “We Used To Wait” might be, they won’t be on this list. Instead this gives us a chance to highlight a bunch of other fantastic artists who rocked our cubicle this year!

They’re in alphabetical order, and without any blurbs, so all you have to do is listen! Enjoy!

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So over the last few weeks I’ve experienced a total re-awakening for my love of hip-hop. In high school I went through an intense rap phase when I listened to a clutch of Tupac and Biggie. That gave way to punk rock sometime during 9th grade, and after that the only hip-hop I ever listened to was Wyclef Jean or The Fugees – that is until I inadvertently caught Jurassic 5 at a Warped Tour in Ventura. They rocked my little punk-rock world, and ever since then I’ve had a fairly clandestine relationship with them and other fringe hip-hop acts like Blackalicious and Heiroglyphics. (Mostly they were my first-string snowboarding music.) Over the last couple years though I’ve amassed a small collection of artists that really speak to me – acts like Black Star/Lupe Fiasco/Erykah Badu/etc. etc. – but I still only listened to them pretty infrequently.

Well lately I’ve been finding that setting dentures/drilling countless practice teeth/doing pretty much any monotonous lab work is exponentially more enjoyable if you’re bumping some Tribe Called Quest. Or Mos Def. Or my old favorites, J5. It hasn’t been reflected much on here since I’ve been so swamped at school – but you can expect to see some more hip-hop on here from time to time.

Anyways. All of this is to introduce that I’m really loving this new track from Lupe Fiasco. It’s a little more glitzy than the stuff on his first two LPs – but dang it, it’s pretty fun – and it grabs its hook from Modest Mouse’s “Float On”, so that’s pretty great. Though Lupe’s had a rough couple years (his third album, Lasers, has been postponed forever), I still think he’s one of the best rappers around, one who consistently blows me away – not just for his rhyme schemes, but for his lyrical content. This song isn’t too heavy, but it’s still that classic life-affirming Lupe Fiasco at the wheel. Basically, if you’re having a bad day – put this on.

mp3: Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On
from the forthcoming album Lasers

And here’s one of my old Fiasco favorites:

mp3: Lupe Fiasco – Kick, Push
from the album Food & Liquor (buy it here)


Ok, I swear after this I’ll lay off the Janelle Monae thing for a little while! But this remix of The ArchAndroid’s standout track featuring B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco is too good not to post:

I love that Monae throws down a brand new verse herself after her two guest bits – and it outshone both of them! (even Lupe’s, who I always love!) So good.

Happy 4th ya’ll. Have a good weekend.

mp3: Janelle Monae – Tightrope (Wondamix) feat. B.o.B. & Lupe Fiasco

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