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Every year we talk about doing a “Favorite Songs” list, but we never do because it always ends up being so huge and unwieldy (we like a lot of music, alright?!). But this year we decided to just break down and do it, only here’s the catch: these are our Favorite Songs that DIDN’T appear on any of our Favorite Albums. So no matter how amazing “Cold War” or “Ambling Alp” or “We Used To Wait” might be, they won’t be on this list. Instead this gives us a chance to highlight a bunch of other fantastic artists who rocked our cubicle this year!

They’re in alphabetical order, and without any blurbs, so all you have to do is listen! Enjoy!

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Well it’s been another grueling semester, but it’s over now, and I feel pretty good about that. So good that I could dance the salsa or something. This dog knows what I’m talking about. Yeah, that good.

To add to my good feelings this morning, Daytrotter recently put up a great set by Icarus Himself, who I posted on recently. They’ve only kept growing on me since, so you should probably check this out. And if you’re in Bloomington tomorrow night you should head to Rachael’s Cafe and hang out with them. Because they’ll be there. Playing music. UPDATE: The show starts at 8, and is just a $5 donation. You should go.

download: Icarus Himself Daytrotter session

mp3: Icarus Himself – Seen It Coming (Mexico)
from the Mexico EP (buy it here)


I posted this song by Icarus Himself as part of a playlist awhile ago, but in the intervening months I haven’t learned any more about them than I knew then. The little I do know is that Icarus Himself is basically the moniker for Nick Whetro, he has one album and one EP under his belt, and he’s from Wisconsin. But in these last couple months this song has completely weaseled its way into my heart – I’ve listened to it a whole lot  of times, so many that I’d be remiss if I didn’t give it a shout out on here.

I’m not exactly sure what I love so much about it: whether it’s how that bobbing organ line first hits, or the perfectly parsed guitar riffing, or if it’s just the overall haunted feel to the whole thing, heightened by Whetro’s warbling vocals. It actually might be those mariachi horns that kick in at around 2:30. I don’t know. Basically, there’s a lot to love here. It’s off his latest release, the Mexico EP, and while I’d probably say “Digging Holes” is my favorite song, the rest of the EP is pretty rock solid too, especially if you have a taste for electronically kissed folky stuff that rocks a little bit. Which I do thank you.

mp3: Icarus Himself – Digging Holes
from the Mexico EP (buy it here)



I’ve been really loving this new site called Shuffler.fm the past week or two. It’s kind of like Pandora, but instead of your music tastes going into an algorithm that predicts what you might like, it’s just keyed into various music blogs and spits out songs based on the genre you plug in – kind of like walking into a world-wide-web-sized independent record store. It’s way more random than most internet radio, and a whole lot of fun.

It definitely has some kinks to work out (the same Gillian Welch song came up for me 5 times in one sitting), but overall I’m really loving it. So I made a mix. About half of the songs below I found via Shuffler – either by groups I’d never heard of before (The Vaccines), or by groups I’d heard of but hadn’t given a chance yet (The Roadside Graves – holy cow, look for more on them soon). The rest is just some stuff I’ve been enjoying lately. Take a listen, then go try out Shuffler.fm for yourself.

mp3: The Vaccines – If You Wanna

mp3: Clean Equations – Buried Translations

mp3: First Aid Kit – Hard Believer

mp3: Icarus Himself – Digging Holes

mp3: Dax Riggs – Say Goodnight To The World

mp3: Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s – New York City Hotel Blues

mp3: Joey Kneiser – Adelina

mp3: Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues

mp3: Abner Trio – You’re Gorgeous, Believe It!

mp3: The Roadside Graves – Liv Tyler

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