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WiAC 2014 Songs HeaderWell we weren’t planning on doing a favorite songs post for 2014, but then Logan sent me an email with his favorite songs and some brief write-ups, then I couldn’t help doing the same, and before we knew it, we had a list that we both agreed should probably be shared. But we didn’t want to do too much more work, so we present to you our favorite 30-ish songs from 2014, un-ranked and accompanied by our first-draft non-proof-read write-ups!

Logan’s list is on top, Chris’s is on bottom, and both are in alphabetical order. Click on and enjoy!

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My Friday just got a whole lot better. Coldplay just released a new single- “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”. It’s upbeat and catchy, and I dig it. The word is that it will be part of an album produced (again) by Brian Eno, and will be released this Fall. Have a listen.

For kicks, here’s something that just popped up on my radar- Chris Martin singing with Faultline (David Kosten). It’s dark and haunting, and I dig it too.  It sort of brings balance to the force with the happy new single above.

mp3: Faultline feat. Chris Martin – Where Is My Boy
from the album Your Love Means Everything (buy it here)

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That’s right. Tonight’s the night. The night we’ve all been waiting for. Oh man oh man. It’s actually ridiculous how excited I am for this. I’d be lying if I said I’ve been thinking of anything but this for like 2 weeks. Because I haven’t.

mp3: Coldplay – Lost!

mp3: Rilo Kiley – Plane Crash In C

mp3: The Whitest Boy Alive – Island

mp3: Loney Dear – I Got Lost

mp3: Joshua James – Soul And The Sea

mp3: Hurricane Bells – Monsters

mp3: The xx – Islands

mp3: The Beach Boys – I Know There’s An Answer

(video via Videogum)

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