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WiAC 2014 Songs HeaderWell we weren’t planning on doing a favorite songs post for 2014, but then Logan sent me an email with his favorite songs and some brief write-ups, then I couldn’t help doing the same, and before we knew it, we had a list that we both agreed should probably be shared. But we didn’t want to do too much more work,┬áso we present to you our favorite 30-ish songs from 2014, un-ranked and accompanied by our first-draft non-proof-read write-ups!

Logan’s list is on top, Chris’s is on bottom, and both are in alphabetical order. Click on and enjoy!

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My first introduction to Cataldo was the brilliant “Black and Milds”, a song so good that I purchased the rest of the album, Signal Flare, without ever having heard more than just that one track. I was pleased to find that “Black and Milds” was not a fluke. Signal Flare is a beautiful synthesis of folk, rock, and pop. (Which is actually how I would define the increasingly useless and vague term “indie music”)(That discussion is for another time though)

But all of that was back in 2009 for me. And besides Cataldo tracks making appearances on various blogs, most notably I Am Fuel You Are Friends, I hadn’t heard anything new from Eric and crew.

Well now that its 2011, it seems only appropriate that I should learn about Eric’s new album Prison Boxing from Facebook. (Gotta love social media) However, it seems there is a bit of a catch with this latest album, namely, Cataldo has run out of money. So in an effort to get the necessary funds to get Prison Boxing out the door, Cataldo is asking for our help. (Its actually a pretty one-sided deal in our favor.)

Visit the ‘Kickstarter’ page to see the exact details of the project you would be backing, the great little incentives Eric is offering if you help, and hear a little teaser of what we can expect when Prison Boxing gets released.

Help Cataldo release Prison Boxing here

Also, Eric Anderson is from Idaho. Moscow, Idaho. So if you’re a fan of music, Idaho, or musicians from Moscow, ID…think about lending a hand.

mp3: Cataldo – Black and Milds
from the album Signal Flare (buy it here)