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Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

So… you may not know this, but music is awesome.  It’s amazing how sometimes a song will not even catch your fancy one moment, but perhaps when your circumstances change, you might have an aha moment and find yourself thinking ,“So THAT’S what the song meant.” I had one of those moments with this song.  We’ve posted about Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore previously.  I had listened to their music many times and while I certainly enjoyed it, nothing really jumped out and spoke to me. And then … my circumstances changed.  My wife and I found out we’ re expecting a baby girl.   As I continued listening to Dear Companion, I heard “Try” with new ears.  As I’m sure you’ve done, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t really heard what the song was saying.  It spoke to me, about the worries and fears of bringing a child into the world, and at the same time it expressed the excitement that comes with having a child.  He talks about how I feel right now, absolutely in love with this little child I haven’t even met.

I can’t wait to hold your little hand
Hold your hand, child
Hold your little hand

Give, give, give
How to give it all to someone not yet born
That must be how
We’ve learned to love

mp3: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – Try
from the album Dear Companion

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Chris and I both have a serious soft spot in our hearts for the great state of West Virginia and the entire Appalachian (pronounced: Apple-aa-chin) region. Autumn time in West Virginia possesses a natural beauty that isn’t found anywhere else in the world. It’s like living in a postcard.

Conversely, we’ve both seen firsthand the destruction caused to the region by irresponsible mining practices and other environmental abuses, particularly mountaintop removal mining. (Which is exactly what it sounds like) Beautiful tree covered hills turned into bare flattops surrounded by poisoned streams and slag-filled valleys.

Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore are two Kentucky-born musicians that have just released Dear Companion, an album that:

explores their ties to the place they love and aims to draw attention to the problem of Mountaintop Removal coal mining (MTR) and its impact on the people and heritage of central Appalachia. A portion of the proceeds from Dear Companion will benefit Appalachian Voices, an organization devoted to ending MTR and finding a better way forward.” (Sub Pop)

I know you came here for music, not for an appeal on environmental activism, but its something to think about. Its definitely something I care about.

Those of you familiar with the sounds of Appalachia will know what to expect from an album inspired by this musical hearth. A hearty helping of folk with a joyful infusion of bluegrass.

The single ‘Something, Somewhere, Sometime’ has that traditional sound that seems directly lifted out of any number of concerts I walked past on any given Sunday afternoon in parks throughout Appalachia.

mp3: Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore – Something, Somewhere, Sometime

from the album Dear Companion (Amazon/iTunes)

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