NEWS: Mates of State Remixes

image001I just listened to that Mates of State remix album we heard about way back when it was only available on vinyl. Well it’s called Re-arranged: Volume 1, and it’s finally available digitally, so you can now stop by your local digital distributor and take a listen.

It’s only 5 tracks, all remixes of songs off last year’s near-perfect Re-arrange Us, and they range from very good to very so-so. None of them are bad, but a couple of them are stand-out awesome, like the RAC remix of “Now” and the Amp Live take on “The Re-Arranger”. Go check it out: the whole thing is pretty fun, and definitely worth a listen.

mp3: Mates of State – You Are Free (The Mae Shi Remix)
from the album Re-arranged: Volume 1 (iTunes)

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  1. rebecca’s avatar

    i looove these guys! and i’m loving this remix. so glad you guys are back


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