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So we had so much fun putting together our Top Albums list, we decided to go ahead and make a Top Songs list too! Hopefully this kind of makes up for not posting all year! This list basically collects the songs that really killed us this year, whether they were world-conquering disco anthems, churning electronic chamber pieces, Billboard Top-40 hits, covers of Billboard Top-40 hits, or slowed-down versions of Dolly Parton classics – these are all just amazing songs.

Our rules for inclusion were simple: only one song per artist (Sorry “Afterlife”!), songs could come from one of our Favorite Albums, but couldn’t have been included in our Favorite Album post (Sorry “Holy”!), and finally, every song had to be unequivocally awesome. I promise they all qualify.

They’re listed below in alphabetical order by artist, because we don’t hate ourselves and weren’t about to rank these in any kind of favorite order. That being said, my favorite song of the year was hands-down “Song For Zula” by Phosphorescent. That song is my 2013 jam. Here’s hoping you find your 2013 jam below.

1. “Pulaski at Night” by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird

mp3: Andrew Bird – Pulaski at Night

2. “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire

Arcade Firemp3: Arcade Fire – Reflektor

3. “Play By Play” by Autre Ne Veut

Autre Ne Veutmp3: Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play

4. “Who Have I Become” by Best Coast

Best Coastmp3: Best Coast – Who Have I Become?

5. “Make It Up” by The Blow

The Blowmp3: The Blow – Make It Up

6. “Cold Earth” by Boards of Canada

Boards of Canadamp3: Boards of Canada – Cold Earth

7. “The Mother We Share” by CHVRCHES

CHVRCHESmp3: CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

8. “We Are Explorers” by Cut/Copy

Cut Copymp3: Cut/Copy – We Are Explorers

9. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

Daft Punkmp3: Daft Punk – Get Lucky

10. “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor)” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jrmp3: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor)

11. “Kids” by Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planetmp3: Diarrhea Planet – Kids

12. “(Slow Ass) Jolene” by Dolly Parton (& the internet)

Dolly Partonmp3: Dolly Parton (& the internet) – (Slow Ass) Jolene

13. “Bad Habit” by Foals

Foalsmp3: Foals – Bad Habit

14. “San Francisco” by Foxygen

comedysoundtrack.11183v9mp3: Foxygen – San Francisco

15. “Dance All Night” by Free Energy

Free Energymp3: Free Energy – Dance All Night

16. “The Wire” by Haim

Haim - Copymp3: Haim – The Wire

17. “Love Is Blindness” by Jack White

Jack Whitemp3: Jack White – Love Is Blindness

18. “Digital Lion” by James Blake

James Blakemp3: James Blake – Digital Lion

19. “New Lover” by Josh Ritter

JR_TBIIT_Digipack_F mp3: Josh Ritter – New Lover

20. “Your Life, Your Call” by Junip

Junipmp3: Junip – Your Life, Your Call

21. “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlakemp3: Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

22. “Song For The Sold” by Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashimp3: Kishi Bashi – Song For The Sold

23. “Stay” by Low

Lowmp3: Low – Stay (Rihanna cover)

24. “Patti and Robert” by Mason Jennings

Mason Jenningsmp3: Mason Jennings – Patti and Robert

25. “Piano Mantra” by Mikal Cronin

Mikal Croninmp3: Mikal Cronin – Piano Mantra

26. “Graceless” by The National

Nationalmp3: The National – Graceless

27. “Old Skin” by Ólafur Arnalds

Olafur Arnaldsmp3: Ólafur Arnalds – Old Skin

28. “S.O.S. In Bel Air” by Phoenix

Phoenixmp3: Phoenix – S.O.S. In Bel Air

29. “Song For Zula” by Phosphorescent

Phosphorescentmp3: Phosphorescent – Song for Zula

30. “Modern Jesus” by Portugal. The Man

Portugal The Manmp3: Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus

31. “Open” by Rhye

Rhyemp3: Rhye – Open

32. “Rafstraumer” by Sigur Rós

Sigur Rosmp3: Sigur Rós – Rafstraumur

33. “How Come You Don’t Want Me” by Tegan & Sara

Tegan and Saramp3: Tegan & Sara – How Come You Don’t Want Me

34. “Million Miles” by TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio mp3: TV On The Radio – Million Miles

35. “Step” by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekendmp3: Vampire Weekend – Step

36. “Coast To Coast” by Waxahatchee

Waxahatcheemp3: Waxahatchee – Coast To Coast

37. “Halogen Moon” by Wintercoats

Wintercoatsmp3: Wintercoats – Halogen Moon

38. “Re-Invent Your Second Wheel” by Wire

Wiremp3: Wire – Re-Invent Your Second Wheel

39. “I’ll Be Around” by Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengomp3: Yo La Tengo – I’ll Be Around

40. “To You” by Young Wonder

Young Wondermp3: Young Wonder – To You

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  1. K.D.’s avatar

    Excited about this. You guys have always had impeccable taste for truly good music.

  2. james’s avatar

    YES!!! Always love your recs!


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