SONG: My People by Yusuf

Wow everyone. It is busy around here. Between writing an endless stream of papers and staying on top of the latest Charlie Sheen news, I just don’t seem to have a spare minute. But long ago, I promised High School Logan that no matter what else was happening in my life, I would always make time for Cat Stevens.

I really can’t get enough of Cat Stevens (or Yusuf, as he now likes to be known). I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, his voice is as strong and magical as it ever was. He really hasn’t missed a beat.

Written in response to the recent uprisings and demonstrations that are sweeping the Middle East and Africa, “My People” is his latest offering and besides being 100% free, its just perfect. This is really my favorite type of protest song. Rather than an overt sense of anger or aggression, you are met with a soft-voiced plea for peace and an end to suffering and oppression. (Its the difference between RATM’s “Killing in the Name Of” and Lennon’s “Imagine”)(Two of the finest protest songs ever BTW)

So although many of you may not share my affinity for Cat Stevens, I hope you enjoy this.

mp3: Yusuf – My People
from the single My People (free)

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  1. Regine Masson’s avatar

    I only can admit what you are saying here .Yusuf is and was always my favour singer also just for what he is singing and with a amazing warm voice.I’m looking out to sing with other friends on his next concert :MY PEOPLE with him

  2. Kristin’s avatar

    Love this, on repeat. Thanks Logan!


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