NEWS: New Radiohead album this Saturday

Well well well, looks like my Valentines Day this year won’t be solely remembered as the year I ate one of those heart-shaped pizzas from Papa Johns alone. Nope, it’ll also be the day we found out Radiohead is releasing their latest LP, The King of Limbs, this Saturday.

Yep, this Saturday. February 19th 2011.

The album will be available via download that day ($9 for mp3 format $14 for  wav. Nope, no more ‘create your own price’) or for the vinyl and collector junkies, you can order this.

Pre-order The King of Limbs here.

mp3: Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words
from the album The King of Limbs (maybe?) (update: nope)


  1. Katt’s avatar

    Papa Johns makes heart shaped Pizzas AND there is new Radiohead coming out? The lonely hearts have solace tonight.

  2. Spen’s avatar

    From the album, maybe? Where did you find this track? No one seems to know anything about this album. No single, no track listing, run time, general sound, etc. I just want to know where you found this track

  3. Logg’s avatar

    @Spen – ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ was originally slated to appear on Radiohead’s rumored 2009 Wall of Ice EP (which never got released) and its been floating around as a non-album single since. Who knows if it will appear on The King of Limbs, I wager to guess it won’t, but its at least something that bridges the gap between In Rainbows and what we’re looking forward to on Saturday.


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