PLAYLIST: For A New Kitten

Last week (AKA: The Best Week Ever!), Kristin and I got ourselves a new little kitten, and per Logan’s suggestion, I’ve put together a short playlist to celebrate.

It’s made up of a songs about cats, some explicitly, and others not so much. Like the Mountain Goats song, for example, is pretty impressionistic in its suggestion of a feline, with lines like “in your arms, I am a wild creature” and “white carpet thick with pet hair”; while both The Weakerthans tracks actually follow the heartbreaking story of Virtute the cat, one of the single saddest tales ever told in song. Jason Collett’s “Little Tiger” is pretty specific for our little runt (see picture above), while Karen O’s song from Where the Wild Things Are is pretty universal in its evocation of kittens playing. And I couldn’t not include a Best Coast song (duh), much less the one with the infamous line, “I wish my cat could talk.” The other songs are just great and happen to have “cat” or “tiger” in the title. Enjoy!

mp3: The Head And The Heart – Cats and Dogs

mp3: The Weakerthans – Plea From A Cat Named Virtute

mp3: Jason Collett – Little Tiger

mp3: Rogue Wave – Catform

mp3: Karen O and the Kids – Rumpus

mp3: ARMS – Tiger Tamer

mp3: Best Coast – Goodbye

mp3: The Cure – The Lovecats

mp3: The Mountain Goats – Broom People

mp3: The Weakerthans – Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure

[BONUS] And since we’re about 99.99% sure we’re naming the little guy “Elliot”, here’s a bonus track of Elliott Smith covering a Cat Stevens song:

mp3: Elliott Smith – Trouble (Cat Stevens cover)

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  1. Pearl’s avatar

    That kitten is adorable, and the playlist is great aswell!

  2. Logg’s avatar

    Ratatat – Wildcat.
    Too obvious? Ya, maybe too obvious. But you gotta love that cat growl…rawrrrr…

  3. Jessica’s avatar

    This kitten melts my heart. Chris, I live in Wisconsin now (where my fiance is in med school) and so what I’m trying to say if if you need a kitten sitter I am not that far…

  4. Tobler’s avatar

    Jessica – deal! You can come kitten-sit anytime… I’m sure you guys wouldn’t mind a reason to head south in the winter anyway. (not far enough to escape the snow I’m afraid… just less of it than Wisconsin!) 🙂

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS! I honestly was so excited to hear that you’re getting marriaged! If there’s any way that Whale In A Cubicle can assist in the nuptials, please just let me or Logan or Niels know!

  5. Kitten’s avatar

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