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You’ve heard about that ice storm that’s frozen most of the Midwest, right? Well it kind of ruled. Why? Because I got the last three days off of school as Snow Days. That’s right, SNOW DAYS! And during those Snow Days, I found out I passed my National Board exam, got several due-dates for looming projects postponed, and Kristin and I got a brand new kitten! (more on that later…) So it’s been a pretty great week around here, even if it has been cold and icy.

Another great thing about the storm was all the time it gave me to just lay around and listen to music. In addition to playing lots of our vinyl collection during multiple games of Cribbage (I’m currently leading Kristin 4 to 3), I’ve also been poring over a bunch of 2010 year-end lists and picking out some artists I missed over the last year. So far, the one that’s completely swept me off my feet is Glasser, who made numerous year-end lists of people with great taste. And for good reason.

Glasser’s basically Cameron Mesirow’s show, with some help from producers Subliminal Kid and Van Rivers. Her debut album, Ring, combines elements of electronic and pure pop into a soft-focus soundscape, dabbling in bits of tropical and world music along the way, all tied together by her crystalline voice, at times recalling both Bjork and Taken By Trees’ Victoria Bergsman. The songs are both gorgeous and challenging, and they make the perfect soundtrack for three days spent indoors during a winter storm. Even if you don’t find yourself in that situation, Glasser still comes highly recommended.

mp3: Glasser – Plane Temp
from the album Ring (buy it here)

mp3: Glasser – Home
from the album Ring (buy it here)


  1. briggadoon’s avatar

    I’ve enjoyed Glasser since jonkmusic featured “apply”. These are two great songs – I find their endings odd with seemingly random little leftovers of the beats and instruments of the songs.

  2. Tobler’s avatar

    So good right? Those leftovers at the ends of the tracks are actually evidence of how the album flows together as a whole – they flow into the next track creating a pretty seamless ambiance to the whole thing.


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