WiAC’s Top 25 Songs of 2010

Every year we talk about doing a “Favorite Songs” list, but we never do because it always ends up being so huge and unwieldy (we like a lot of music, alright?!). But this year we decided to just break down and do it, only here’s the catch: these are our Favorite Songs that DIDN’T appear on any of our Favorite Albums. So no matter how amazing “Cold War” or “Ambling Alp” or “We Used To Wait” might be, they won’t be on this list. Instead this gives us a chance to highlight a bunch of other fantastic artists who rocked our cubicle this year!

They’re in alphabetical order, and without any blurbs, so all you have to do is listen! Enjoy!

1. mp3: Beach House – Norway
from the album Teen Dream (buy it here)

2. mp3: Best Coast – When I’m With You
from the album Crazy For You (buy it here)

3. mp3: Bon Iver – Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel cover)
from the Flume/Come Talk To Me 7″ (buy it here)

4. mp3: Caribou – Odessa
from the album Swim (buy it here)

5. mp3: Cee Lo Green – Forget You
from the album The Lady Killer (buy it here)

6. mp3: Dan Mangan – Robots
from the album Nice, Nice, Very Nice (buy it here)

7. mp3: Foals – Blue Blood
from the album Total Life Forever (buy it here)

8. mp3: Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here
from the album I’m New Here (buy it here)

9. mp3: Icarus Himself – Digging Holes
from the Mexico EP (buy it here)

10. mp3: Jenny & Johnny – Big Wave
from the album I’m Having Fun Now (buy it here)

11. mp3: Joanna Newsom – Good Intentions Paving Co.
from the album Have One On Me (buy it here)

12. mp3: Laura Marling – Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)
from the album I Speak Because I Can (buy it here)

13. mp3: LCD Soundsystem – Pow Pow
from the album This Is Happening (buy it here)

14. mp3: Local Natives – World News
from the album Gorilla Manor (buy it here)

15. mp3: Lissie – Little Lovin’
from the album Catching A Tiger (buy it here)

16. mp3: Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On
from the album The Show Goes On single (buy it here)

17. mp3: MNDR – I Go Away
from the album E.P.E. (buy it here)

18. mp3: Owen Pallett – A Man With No Ankles
from the A Swedish Love Story EP (buy it here)

19. mp3: Portugal. The Man – The Dead Dog
from the album American Ghetto (buy it here)

20. mp3: Robyn – Dancing On My Own
from the album Body Talk Pt. 1 (buy it here)

21. mp3: She & Him – In The Sun
from the album Volume 2 (buy it here)

22. mp3: Stars – We Don’t Want Your Body
from the album The Five Ghosts (buy it here)

23. mp3: Steel Train – Bullet (see also: this version)
from the album Steel Train (buy it here)

24. mp3: The Tallest Man On Earth – Like the Wheel
from the Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird EP (buy it here)

25. mp3: Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
from the album Stridulum II (buy it here)

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  1. Ian’s avatar

    Awesome list, guys!

  2. James’s avatar

    i always look forward to your ‘best of’ posts. you guys are reliable.

    i would add a few songs:

    belle and sebastien “i want the world to stop”
    owen pallett “e is for estranged”
    aqualung ‘reel me in’
    ben folds and nick hornby ‘from above’
    florence and the machine ‘dog days are over’
    fredrik ‘vinterbarn’ or the whole trilogi album
    mumford and sons ‘the cave’
    ray lamontagne and the pariah dogs ‘old before your time’

    and world cup versions of: k’naan ‘wavin flag’ and shakira ‘waka waka’

  3. avery’s avatar

    YES! Steel Train is finally recognized! they are an amazing group and “Bullet” is just on of their amazing songs. New Jersey Represent!

  4. Beth K.’s avatar

    I don’t get the song “Norway.” It kind of annoys me, sounds off tune, and I prefer other tracks on the album. It’s your #1 and I usually am simpatico with your tastes. Am I missing something?

  5. Tobler’s avatar

    @James – and I always look forward to your comments. I LOVE that k’naan song, and I’m going to go on record and say it’s an official mistake that it’s not on this list!

    @Beth K. – Ok, I totally felt the same way as you when I first heard Norway – but here’s the thing: that little whammy-bar bend that makes it sound out of tune has ended up being kind of a selling point for me. It adds a little bit of queerness to a verse that would have otherwise just been straightforward dream-pop. Also, I’m pretty much powerless against that “hoo-hoo” chorus! (and btw, it’s just #1 because it’s in alphabetical, not for any other particular reason.)

  6. Beth K.’s avatar

    Thanks Tobler. I get what you mean now after listening some more. I am just discovering music now that you have in older posts, like The Head and the Heart, and Mumford & Sons. Also loving the new Decemberists. And The National have long been at the top of my charts which is what led me to your blog I think. Anyway just wanted to say I REALLY enjoy Whale and hope 2011 is an awesome year for you! I’d say my other most favorite blog is I am Fuel You are Friends– are you familiar with that one? I bet you’d like it.


  7. Tobler’s avatar

    Thanks so much for the kind comment! We actually love Fuel/Friends around here… in fact I’d go ahead and say she’s my favorite music blogger on the whole world wide web, and I think she’s Logan’s too. Anyways, hope your 2011 is awesome too! Hopefully we all find some fantastic music together! (that sounded really hokey, like Saved By The Bell style send-off, but I’m sticking with it!)


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