SONG: Wake Up Your Saints by The National

I’ve been really enjoying the bonus material on The National’s recently released expanded version of High Violet. This song in particular is a gem, giving a little glimpse at what that “happy record” might have sounded like if they’d made it. It’s bouncier than any of its live iterations I’ve heard, what with that twinkling keys/horn interplay, and it’s got a swagger and style that few other National songs do (there are hand-snaps for goodness sake!).

mp3: The National – Wake Up Your Saints
from the album High Violet [Expanded Edition] (buy it here)

Also, the alternate version of “Terrible Love” is fast becoming my version-of-choice. So good, these guys.


  1. Brendan’s avatar

    Wow, if it wasn’t for his voice I might not think that it was them… I guess the horns are a good give away as well but really how many of their stuff bounces like that.

  2. Steve’s avatar

    This song is great.


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