NEWS: 30 Rock soundtrack

Go with me on this, it sorta counts as music news.

30 Rock really is the best show on television right now. Season 1 to the current season 5 it hasn’t missed a beat.

And speaking of ‘beat’, (see what I did there? Now that is a transition to be proud of) a soundtrack for 30 Rock is being released November 16th. Now 30 Rock isn’t like The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy, or Friday Night Lights that have soundtracks featuring the next big indie darling, the 30 Rock score is entirely composed by Tina Fey’s husband and luckiest man in the world, Jeff Richmond. And its good, but I’m no expert on sitcom music.

Now where this soundtrack is really going to shine are with the original songs created for the show. “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” anyone? How about “Muffin Top”? Ya, that’s gonna be great.

(find the full track listing at Pitchfork)

mp3: Tina Fey and Christopher Cross – All My Days I’ve Been Waiting
from the soundtrack 30 Rock (buy it here)

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