SONG: Try by Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

So… you may not know this, but music is awesome.  It’s amazing how sometimes a song will not even catch your fancy one moment, but perhaps when your circumstances change, you might have an aha moment and find yourself thinking ,“So THAT’S what the song meant.” I had one of those moments with this song.  We’ve posted about Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore previously.  I had listened to their music many times and while I certainly enjoyed it, nothing really jumped out and spoke to me. And then … my circumstances changed.  My wife and I found out we’ re expecting a baby girl.   As I continued listening to Dear Companion, I heard “Try” with new ears.  As I’m sure you’ve done, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t really heard what the song was saying.  It spoke to me, about the worries and fears of bringing a child into the world, and at the same time it expressed the excitement that comes with having a child.  He talks about how I feel right now, absolutely in love with this little child I haven’t even met.

I can’t wait to hold your little hand
Hold your hand, child
Hold your little hand

Give, give, give
How to give it all to someone not yet born
That must be how
We’ve learned to love

mp3: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – Try
from the album Dear Companion

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  1. Jon Rieger’s avatar

    Your new recognition of the power and relevance of Ben’s music is certainly understandable! There’s another piece on the Dear Companion album that’s also pertinent: “Only a Song.” Ben’s child will be three this December: he’s now a very active little boy. One of the features that I recognized early on about Ben’s music that makes it so distinctive is that the lyrics do matter–they’re not just trivial or superfluous. Anyone who listens just for the melodic invention or arrangement, or for the “sound,” misses half the content.

  2. Niels’s avatar

    Alas- I frequently find myself listening, as you describe, for the musical invention. It’s silly however, because the insight you get from the lyrics is what makes the song really personal. I *usually* get so much more enjoyment and so much more meaning when I pay attention to what the artist is trying to say. I’ll definitely try to be better. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Adeline Vangundy’s avatar

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