CONCERT: The Decemberists at The Murat Theatre

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Saturday my wife took me to see The Decemberists at The Murat Theatre here in Indy (it was a late birthday present – one of the many reasons I’m in love with this woman), and I wish I had the time and/or words to describe it. I’d been excited to see them, but after the show I felt like my anticipation wasn’t even near what it should have been. I knew they were performing their recent rock-opera-opus-magnum-whatever The Hazards of Love in its entirety, and I knew they had Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond and Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond on the tour to complete the albums amazing vocal trio. But I didn’t really understand just what that meant until the night was over. I’ll try to explain it – but if I fail, just know this: if you can, see them on this tour!

The actual Hazards of Love part of the show was fun, full of animal-morphing mischief, slashing guitar riffs, Colin Meloy sticking rigidly in character and Shara Worden conjuring up something unimaginable. This is why we’d come, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. But the second half of the night is what completely won me over. After a brief intermission they re-took the stage, bantering and laughing and leading audience-sing-alongs as they tackled selections from every one of their previous albums, plus a new song called “Down By The Water” (which was, by the way, fantastic). Shara came back out to sing the female lead in “Yankee Bayonet” before the band played the worst song Colin’s ever written (apparently), about Dracula’s offspring. Honestly, who knew that Colin Meloy was so endearing? I sure didn’t. And neither did my wife, who now has a crush on him and his quill-written word-playing.

But the best wasn’t until the end of the night. Both of the Diamond girls came out to finish the set with a show-stealing cover of Heart’s “Crazy On You”. (I’ve included a video below, which is required listening.) Finally, to close out the night they wrapped up with “Sons and Daughters”, complete with Chris Funk on hurdy gurdy and the entire theatre chanting “Hear all the bombs, they fade away” into the night. I think that may have been one of the best show-closing numbers I’ve ever seen. At least right now I can’t think of any that can top it. It was that good.

So like I said. If you can, see them on this tour. And if you can’t, just see them sometime. Deal? Deal.

Anyway, here’s the setlist:

Set 1: The Hazards of Love (straight through)

Set 2: July July! / Billy Liar / The Sporting Life – This Charming Life (The Smiths cover) / Down By The Water (new) / The Crane Wife 3 / Yankee Bayonet (I’ll Be Home Then) / Dracula’s Daughter / O Valencia / Crazy On You (Heart cover)

Encore: Raincoat Song / Sons & Daughters

And the video:

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    Thanks! Good stuff, glad you made it required listening, well worth my time!


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