VIDEO: Lantern by Josh Ritter

We recently received this from Josh Ritter’s mailing list, and it’s kind of great:

During Josh’s show at The Tarrytown Music Hall this past Saturday night, the audience had quite the surprise for Josh and the band. Thanks to an unknown fan (who are you?) who handed out glowsticks – with instructions – to the entire audience before the show, the performance of “Lantern” was a concert moment not to forget.

The sound isn’t incredible, but that’s not the point. Enjoy:

So great right? That kind of stuff just warms my heart. We saw Mr. Ritter in June and even though there weren’t any glowsticks, he was still all kinds of awesome – you can read about it HERE.


  1. melissa’s avatar

    Seems like people who love Josh, REALLY REALLY love him…And how can you not?

  2. Kim’s avatar

    You just have to love a performer that loves what he is doing so much!

  3. Steve’s avatar

    Definitely awesome!


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