SONG: “Bullet” by Steel Train


Ok I’ve been in love with this song by Steel Train for about 2 weeks now, and it’s time I admit it. The weekend before last my wife and I went on an impromptu storm chase after being awe-struck by some of the coolest cloud-to-cloud lightning we’d ever seen – and as we went racing around some of the state routes west of Indy this was the song that was blasting from our open windows. And can you even try to think of a better storm-chasing song? I dare you to.

Well I just got my hands on the rest of these New Jersey boys’ album, and so far I’m loving every bit of it. The fantastic blogger who turned me onto these guys described them as “indie kids doing their best, brilliant shot at Springsteen”, and I think she hit it right on. It’s got all the fist-pumping power of Born To Run’s finest moments all wrapped into one little song. In addition to their NJ forebear, I also hear shades of The Format in their grand shimmering sound, which really puts a smile on my face. How funny then that just this afternoon I got an email from Nate Ruess about his latest project (fun.), in which he added:

“Oh, and if you haven’t purchased the new Steel Train yet, you’re crazy. I’m a competitive person, so for me to say that it’s the best record of the year, prolly means that it’s my favorite record of the last 5 years. Truly inspiring. Run, don’t walk over to their website.”

‘Nuff said.

mp3: Steel Train – Bullet
from the album Steel Train (buy it here)

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  1. t-man’s avatar

    scarjo’s version is wayyyyy better.

  2. Tobler’s avatar

    I actually really love that one too. It’s got some serious bounce and her understated delivery definitely softens some of the melodramatic lyrics a bit (ie: “we are the last generation of hope”). But I think this one’s got all the fist-pumping backbone and glockenspiel action I’ve been needing lately…

    I kind of think of them as two sides to a perfect summer night – one all pumped up and ready to go and the other a bit languid and hot, content to just lay around.

  3. Kristin’s avatar

    I like your summer night analogy. Just so.


  4. Kristin’s avatar

    Oh dear, I didn’t mean my little colon/parens smiley to turn into a full-on graphic. I hate those things.


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