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circus-leg-trafficWhen I first heard about the boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, I have to admit that I rolled my eyes a little bit. I mean, I love Jenny Lewis, I do. And although I didn’t love Acid Tongue that much, she really hasn’t given me much reason to roll my eyes in the past. But I didn’t pause to consider that before the aforementioned eye roll – all I thought about was how many of these guy/girl troupes there are and how I really like some of them, but how I really don’t like some of them too. So before I knew it, my eyes rolled a little bit.

But my eye roll was not appropriate! Because the first two songs to surface off Jenny & Johnny’s debut LP, I’m Having Fun Now, are really good! The first, “Scissor Runner” is a straight-up throwback to mid-90’s power pop, which means that it’s fuzzy, catchy, and all-around pretty great. But it’s “Big Wave” that’s really appealing – it’s a little darker than “Scissor Runner”, both sonically and thematically, and it’s exactly the kind of song that Lewis shines on. Her layered vocals croon over the ebbing guitar on the choruses, and immediately reminded me of how much I’ve wanted to hear her voice in a non-folk setting again. I think I’m officially excited for this. And I think I officially retract my eye roll.

I’m Having Fun Now is out 8/31 on Warner Bros Records.

mp3: Jenny & Johnny – Scissor Runner
from the album I’m Having Fun Now (pre-order it here)

mp3: Jenny & Johnny – Big Wave
from the album I’m Having Fun Now (pre-order it here)

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  1. alison’s avatar

    i don’t know. i feel jenny has gone a little overboard with all of her side projects.


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