SONG: When You Wake Up Feeling Old


I wrote the following bit for a contest on Fuel/Friends (I didn’t win) and I kind of liked how it turned out – so I’m sharing it here! The question was “What’s you’re favorite Wilco __________ (live moment/lyric/etc.).” Here’s mine:

It’s kind of a silly story actually, but back in college when money was tight (some things haven’t changed), I had just been getting into YHF and wanted to explore Wilco’s back catalogue. I’d read great things about Summerteeth and I loved “Via Chicago”, so I went down to the local used-record store in town (we still had one!) hoping specifically to find a copy of Summerteeth.

It sounds funny, but even though it was a total long-shot and there was really no chance they’d have it, I had this feeling it would be there. Kind of a premonition, you could say. Anyway, we got there and under the “Wilco” divider- nothing. Bummed, I looked around and grabbed a couple other things. Then, for no good reason that I can remember now I decided to look over in the Used Country Music section- just in case. I thumbed through discs of groups I’d never heard of until, magically, in the middle of a row of Kenny Chesney records- I saw those blurry lips. I couldn’t believe it. It was my own little Wilco Miracle. Since then, Summerteeth has become one of my very favorite albums, by Wilco or anyone.

This line in “When You Wake Up Feeling Old” always kinda makes me think of how me and Summerteeth got together- “Walk down any street you can find/Look at any clock telling time/Sing some strange verse from some strange song of vines/And you’ll be where you want to be”.

mp3: Wilco – When You Wake Up Feeling Old
from the album Summerteeth (buy it here)


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    Man, that store had its magical moments. I went last time I was in Utah and it still held a few gems for me.

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