SONG: How Deep Is That River (Cabin Version)


I love Mason Jennings, and I try to stay up on just about everything he’s doing, but up until a few months ago I hadn’t heard this version of the In The Ever stand-out track “How Deep Is That River”. The album version is pretty great, but it always seemed like it could use a bit of backbone – something to drive home it’s Southern spiritual roots. Well, Mason must have thought that too, because this version does it in spades. Be sure to listen all the way through to the breakdown at the end. It’s become one of my many Mason highlights.

mp3: Mason Jennings – How Deep Is That River (Cabin Version)
from the album One Percent For The Planet (buy it here)

And as a bonus, I’ve included one of my all-time favorite Mason tracks: “Jesus Are You Real” – which I’ve always felt is the natural predecessor to “How Deep Is That River”. Here’s what I wrote a couple years ago about the relationship between the two:

“Finally, my personal highlight has to be ‘How Deep is that River’, with its quiet guitar and pump organ, its one of the prettiest points on In the Ever – a spiritual entreaty and pseudo-answer to Boneclouds ‘Jesus Are You Real?’. That song (‘Jesus Are You Real?’) has come to be one of my very favorites of all time, and is probably one of the most beautifully and starkly honest songs ever written. A search for truth and a reaching for something greater than ourselves, ‘Jesus’ left off with the feeling that Mason was starting a spiritual journey – in ‘How Deep is that River’, he sounds like he’s well into that journey and is simply asking for an assurance that where he’s headed is where he wants to be.”

mp3: Mason Jennings – Jesus Are You Real
from the album Boneclouds (buy it here)



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