NEWS: The Dark Leaves by Matt Pond PA


Well, I’m a bit new around here, but had to spread the word about Matt Pond PA’s new album.   It’s called The Dark Leaves, and it’s due out April 6th via Altitude Records.

Someone (whose name starts with a “T” and rhymes with Mobler) described them to me as a more accessible version of The Shins, and I think that’s a fairly good description.  I am in love with their catchy beats and rockin’ sounds, intermingled with those wonderful strings.  …Oh those strings.  I’m discovering that I’m a sucker for almost anything with a cello.

Anyway, get excited for this record, because these guys put out some amazing music.  Here’s a few tracks to prove it.  The first one, Starting, is from their new record.  It’s got all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from Matt Pond.  The second is one of my absolute favorites.

mp3: Matt Pond PA – Starting
from the album The Dark Leaves (due out April 6th!)

mp3: Matt Pond PA – New Hampshire
from the album Emblems (buy it here)


  1. Jeremy’s avatar

    Yes! So stoked for this album. And I agree, New Hampshire is among my absolute favorites by any band.

    You know, I’ve heard it said that the cello resonates most with us because it, more than any other instrument, most resembles the human vocal chords – as if it were a voice singing a lyricless melody. A mother hushing us to sleep. A lover calling us home. An angel calling us from our deepest depths.

    That, or it’s just a beautiful instrument.

  2. Joe’s avatar

    Hard to follow a comment like that one, so I won’t try. But I do want to say hello to Niels! Is this the very same Niels who played the keys with OWG? What a treat!

  3. jon’s avatar

    Yo Niels! Welcome to the cubby! Anyone who has played keys with OWG is alright in my book! Show me what I’m missing out on and keep my ipod (or ipad – said with an east coast accent) spinnin’.


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