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I’ve only now just returned to San Bernardino from a month long winter break. Hopefully this means more frequent postings.

Although I was reluctant to leave my home in Utah (with all the comforts a loving mother can give) and start a new and more difficult semester, being greeted by 75 degree weather smoothed my transition considerably.

San Bernardino and the Inland Empire are some of the most unjustly maligned areas of California. I’ll agree with arguments that there are better places (Chris’ parent’s house in RSM being up there) but things could be worse. Drive through Baker or Perris if you don’t believe me.

I like San Bernardino. And so should you, if for no other reason than inspiring two fantastic songs.

mp3: The Mountain Goats – San Bernardino
from the album Heretic Pride (Amazon/iTunes)

mp3: Eagles of Death Metal – San Berdoo Sunburn
from the album Peace Love Death Metal (Amazon/iTunes)

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  1. Ryan N.’s avatar

    thanks for representing my home town.


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