NEWS: Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold on writing “good songs”


Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold said this in an interview with Pitchfork:

“I’m just trying to write– this sounds so stupid– but just trying to write good songs, and not worrying about what style they are.

“[…]Maybe a good song isn’t as exciting as a totally new style of music. But there are so many millions of songs to be written, but there are only so many genres; there are only so many times you can combine or reinvent a genre. So I feel like the song should be what I’m looking for. And I feel like we have two or three songs for the new album that I think are good songs that should exist in the world, so they’ll be on the album. And then there are some that you justify to yourself: “This is a new kind of music,” or “this is so complicated.” Those probably won’t end up on the album.”

I can’t think of a more honest or positive way to write music than that. The interview, which covers everything from Pecknold’s writing process to his man-crush on Neil Young, seems to further validate my initial impression of Pecknold and his band when we first saw them at Sasquatch in ’08, and I wrote “[they] seemed to be just real people with a real love for making music”. I’m excited to see where they go from here.

Read the whole interview HERE.

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  1. Chris’s avatar

    Good answer, and the man DOES write good songs. Read here that Robin’s formed a new band/project called Rainbow Fang with his sister and Morgan Henderson from Past Lives. Hope they come up with some ‘good’ songs too.


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