WiAC’s Top 25 Albums of 2009

2009 Top 25Well it’s that time again. It’s been a good year in music for sure – so much so that we’ve bumped our list up to 25 albums this time around, and even then we were having to painfully cut out some clearly great records.

Remember, this list represents our favorite albums of the year, not necessarily the best albums of the year. If we had to pick what we thought were the very best albums critically, this would probably be a very different list. But we’re no critics, so that’s not what we’re going to do. These are simply our very favorite albums of the year – the ones that made us laugh, cry, dance, smile, press repeat, wet our pants, etc. This is what we’ll remember when we look back on 2009.

Here we go:

Dark Was The NightDark Was The Night
Various Artists [4AD]
mp3: The National & Nico Muhly – So Far Around The Bend

Ok, so this doesn’t fit our usual criteria for an “album”, but it was such a consistent favorite around here this year that we had to include it. Curated by Bryce and Aaron Dessner (of The National), this two-disc compilation is made up of new and original songs from dozens of incredible artists, some performing with their bands (Arcade Fire, Beirut), others without them (Stuart Murdoch, Justin Vernon), and a few with other people’s bands (Feist with Grizzly Bear, David Byrne with Dirty Projectors). The end result is 32 tracks and more than two hours of staggeringly good music from some of the most talented musicians today. The most amazing thing about the project, however, isn’t that there are so many great songs here; it’s that there is such a strong sense of continuity throughout them all. Whether it’s a shared reverence for the project’s goal (HIV awareness), or just some amazing coordinating on the Dessner brothers’ part, this collection of songs plays much more like a traditional album, with a complete vision and cohesive statement, than just about any compilation I’ve ever heard. If ever someone wanted a time capsule of the best music being made at the end of the ’00s, this would be it. -Chris


A.A. Bondy

When The Devil’s Loose
A.A. Bondy [Fat Possum]
mp3: A.A. Bondy – Mightiest Of Guns

Looser and more rough around the edges than his first record, Devil gives Bondy a lot of room to stretch out and explore the depths of his songs. As it turns out, they go pretty deep. Songs like “Mightiest of Guns” and “False River” are haunting examples of Bondy’s powerful songwriting, while “Oh the Vampyre” shows a little bit of humor in the darkness. He uses a more band-driven sound this time around, and songs like “I Can See The Pines Are Dancing” and “The Mercy Wheel” benefit the most from the switch, giving a solid rhythm section to what were already solid melodies. What shines brightest though is Bondy’s songwriting, which evokes a time and place that feels at once familiar but somehow very, very distant. -Chris

The Mountain Goats

The Life of the World to Come
The Mountain Goats [4AD]
mp3: The Mountain Goats – Matthew 25:21

I suppose this is hardly the place to share my personal religious beliefs, other than to reveal that although I’m Christian, I despise most all Christian popular music. It just isn’t good. Having this predisposed attitude as well as a lukewarm opinion of the Mountain Goats previous to this, I am simply amazed at how hard I’ve fallen for an album with Bible references as song titles. I should clarify that this album isn’t a Christian Rock album, and that if my previous words somehow alluded to that, I’m sorry. (That is an apology to the Mountain Goats if not for anyone else.) This has been one of the most personally meaningful albums to me this year. My eyes may have even gotten a little misty the first few times through. If I may offer a suggestion on how best to appreciate the music and take the power of this album in to its full effect, listen to the album first and read the lyrics before you look up the title’s reference. Powerful powerful album. -Logan

Camera Obscura

My Maudlin Career
Camera Obscura [4AD]
mp3: Camera Obscura – The Sweetest Thing

Starting off with one of the most solid one-two punches I can imagine with “French Navy” and “The Sweetest Thing”, this record sets itself up to be Camera Obscura’s most fun album yet, and it delivers. There’s still the forlorn and lovesick verses from Tracyanne Campbell, but this time around they seem to be accompanied with a little more sunshine than ever before (see, oh, “Honey In The Sun” for example). Where some of their other albums have hung in the mid- to slow- tempo range for large chunks at a time, this record finds them comfortably shifting back and forth between danceable and swayable, and the whole set is stronger for it – giving brilliant slower tracks like “James” their due place to shine. They’ve perfected their faux-retro sound even more here – but most importantly, they’ve just written some plain old great songs. -Chris

Laura Gibson

Beasts of Seasons
Laura Gibson [HUSH]
mp3: Laura Gibson – Sleeper

This was a late find for me that quickly became my autumn soundtrack – a haunting set of songs that perfectly scored the falling leaves and shortening days as summer gave way to winter. Opening with the brave and beautiful “Shadows On Parade”, Gibson offers a challenging record that’s rooted in folk music, but expands in every direction out from there. Her craggy voice, her warm guitar tones, the subtle orchestrations: they’re all perfectly executed, and only add greater texture to her already poignant songs. Hushed and intimate, every single cut rewards closer and closer listens, until you’re convinced that this record is, in fact, perfect. -Chris

Animal CollectiveAnimal Collective
Merriweather Post Pavilion [Domino]
mp3: Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

Chris and I both agree, this year belonged to Animal Collective. People have been touting this as album of the year since it first came out in January and for good reason. It’s phenomenal. The whole time while listening to Merriweather Post Pavilion or when seeing them perform I kept asking myself the same awe-struck question: “What is going on?” Sonically, this album is like nothing I’ve heard before (and judging by my mother’s reaction when driving in my car, nothing she had ever heard either. Patsy Cline this is not.) With the release of Merriweather Post Pavilion, Fall Be Kind, the Crack Box, and finally scaring the pants off of David Letterman, 2009 has been all about Animal Collective. -Logan

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear [Warp]
mp3: Grizzly Bear – Southern Point

This record is making a lot of lists this year, both end-of-the-year and end-of-the-decade, and it should be. If I had to choose the single most brilliant album released this year, this would probably be it. There’s no doubt that these guys are making music like music’s never been made before – combining elements from just about every era of popular (and not so popular) music to date and combining it with a fresh set of ideas, weaving a complex and beautiful record that perfectly expands on Yellow House’s initial promise (which by itself is no small feat). While they’re often lauded for their innovation and production, it’s the songs that stand out the most to me – songs like “Southern Point”, “Cheerleader” and “While You Wait For The Others”. And there’s no doubt that “Two Weeks” is still the jam. Just ask Beyonce. -Chris

Le Loup

Le Loup [Hardly Art]
mp3: Le Loup – Family

As this is being written Family is beginning an unprecedented third week in my car’s CD player. I’ve only had this album a short time compared with most of my other favorites on this list and I can’t help but feel that had I had it earlier, it would be occupying a higher spot. The album may be a little transparent in its influences, but when those influences seem to be Sufjan Stevens and Fleet Foxes, how can that be bad? It can’t and it isn’t, because Le Loup transcends being just an imitation of those artists and creates a music that is their own. -Logan

The Dodos

Time To Die
The Dodos [Frenchkiss]
mp3: The Dodos – Fables

This one really took me by surprise. I liked last year’s Visiter a lot while not end-of-the-year-list a lot – but this short-and-sweet follow-up pretty much blew me away. Somehow they managed to keep their minimalist sound even while adding a third member, a lot of vibraphone, and upping their overall production values – making a record that expands and improves on their last album’s promise without ever betraying it. Not one song sounds superfluous, and every single one is excellent. They’re a little less raw this time, but they’re still playing around with song structure and arrangement, evidenced right from the beginning with the pounding second movement of “Small Deaths” and carrying through to the last refrains of the titular track. A complete and completely satisfying record. -Chris

Portugal. The Man

The Satanic Satanist
Portugal. The Man [Equal Vision]
mp3: Portugal. The Man – The Sun

In the earlier drafts of this list, The Satanic Satanist didn’t appear. I was afraid that by including this album I wouldn’t be creating a list of my favorite albums of the year, but rather the albums released this year by my favorite artists. So I listened to it again and tried to set aside that it was Portugal. The Man, and that I love them and I love the title. (Like my brother pointed out, “Any album that invokes the Dark Lord is always good.”) It held up to my scrutiny wonderfully and I fell in love all over again. It’s been one of the most engaging albums this year for me. I tap my toes, I nod my head, I drum the steering wheel, and I even try to sing along when I hardly know the lyrics. -Logan

Charles Spearin

The Happiness Project
Charles Spearin [Arts & Crafts]
mp3: Charles Spearin – Anna

Probably the most interesting and ambitious album on our list, this one kind of belongs in a league of its own. It’s made up of recorded interviews that Charles Spearin held with his neighbors loosely on the subject of “happiness” that he then put to music. But it’s not just music behind spoken word – it’s more like spoken word AS music. I’ve found it really hard to explain, so just listen and see for yourself. The music is top-notch, but it’s the pairing of that with the personalities Spearin introduces to us that really shines through and makes this an exceptional piece of work. It blurs that fine line between music and language so much that by the end you don’t even consider them separate – reminding you that at its very core, music is all about human communication. If there’s one record on this list that everyone needs to hear, it’s this one. -Chris


Aim and Ignite
fun. [Nettwerk]
mp3: fun. – Light a Roman Candle with Me

My love affair with all things Nate Ruess and Sam Means is pretty well known and this year has been great with solid releases by both Nate and Sam. But this time the honor goes to Nate and his oh so appropriately named band, fun. Its a happy record with songs that range from pleasant to cheerful and bouncy throughout. If I was looking for something cheerful (and I think we all needed something cheerful, especially me as I saw my student debt take a drastic jump up) Nate and company were always happy to oblige. On a side-note, I can’t wait to have a roman candle war with this playing in my ears. -Logan

Karen O and The KidsWhere The Wild Things Are Soundtrack
Karen O & The Kids [DGC]
mp3: Karen O & The Kids – All Is Love

This is as much a solo record as it is a movie soundtrack, and it’s an amazing achievement as both. Karen O’s interpretation of Max’s make-believe world is warm and inviting and somehow really familiar, as if it’s actually some lost cassette tape from my own childhood. In the short two months since its release I’ve probably played this album more than anything else, and I still love it. Oh and the movie was pretty amazing too. -Chris

Winter Gloves

About A Girl
Winter Gloves [Paper Bag]
mp3: Winter Gloves – Let Me Drive

About a Girl is one of those albums that you enjoy listening to at home, but love when its playing in your car. I spent some time with it on a recent road trip and found that when it was over and my CD player tried to cycle to the next CD – I kept going back to it. The tempos of the songs may change, but this album never really slows down. Its just a lot of fun and a pretty great companion if you happen to be driving through southern Idaho alone. -Logan

M. Ward

Hold Time
M. Ward [Merge]
mp3: M. Ward – Epistemology

M. Ward inhabits this strange world somewhere between the inception of rock & roll and the present day – weaving in and out of whole musical eras and styles from all over the last half-century. One minute he’s taking us on a tour of 1950’s doo-wop, the next, early Spanish classical guitar, and the next, a 60’s art film score. On Hold Time, Ward takes all of these elements and more and brings them as close to pop as he’s ever tread, making it his strongest album in the process. Where parts of Post War and Transistor Radio (his last two albums) seemed to get washed away in their retro-backwash, no song on Hold Time suffers for its production – the hooks and melodies shine clear through the radio fuzz, with memorable moments popping up about as frequently as his guitar licks. Even with all the great work he’s doing in She & Him and Monsters Of Folk, Ward’s strongest suit is still his own songwriting, and Hold Time is proof. -Chris

The XX

The xx [Young Turks]
mp3: The xx – Crystalised

I’ve always been a sucker for a dynamic pairing of female/male vocals and the whispered presentation of xx by Romy Croft and Jamie Sims is simply some of the best. The instrumentation is sparse but compliments the sleepy vocals wonderfully. In fact, the whole album has a general drain to it, as though the artists themselves were exhausted but nowhere near listlessness when they mustered the strength necessary to produce this refined and elegantly gorgeous album. -Logan

A.C. Newman

Get Guilty
A.C. Newman [Matador]
mp3: A.C. Newman – The Heartbreak Rides

This is a pop masterpiece. These twelve songs are big and bombastic. They make your toes tap and your heart swell. They make you feel like a kid and have hope for adults. They make you forget whatever you’re doing and just smile. Basically, they do everything that good pop music should. More than that, songs like “The Heartbreak Rides” make me feel the way I want people to remember me as when I’m gone. Does that even make sense? Maybe not. But that’s the best way I’d describe this record. Potentially legacy-inspiring. -Chris

Loney Dear

Dear John
Loney Dear [Polyvinyl]
mp3: Loney Dear – I Was Only Going Out

We saw Loney Dear open for Andrew Bird in February, and I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so hard so fast for a band in concert than I fell for these guys that night. I think it was only halfway through their opening song “I Was Only Going Out” when it happened. The drummer started hitting his hi-hat stand to get that “tink-tink” percussion sound and then Emil Svanängen started “Na-na-ing” as the whole band whistled behind him and I was like SOLD. We’ll take the whole lot. Love at first listen can be deceiving sometimes, but not this time – I’ve only fallen harder with every spin of both this record and 2007’s Loney, Noir. Where both albums are full of Emil’s tender confessions, this one couples them with brave new soundscapes and stirring synth arrangements – taking some initially pretty songs like “Harsh Words” and “Violent” to dizzying new heights of arresting beauty. This is probably the best record that you’re not listening to yet. -Chris

The Decemberists

The Hazards of Love
The Decemberists [Capitol]
mp3: The Decemberists – The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid

This has been one of the most polarizing records between me and my friends this year. I have some select friends who love the Decemberists but abhor The Hazards of Love. I don’t get ’em. I love it. I’ve been hooked on this album since I first heard “The Rake’s Song”, and seeing them play it live cemented it in my top ten long ago. This is an album where I have to sit back and try to fathom the genius it took to create this operatic masterpiece. The whole album is delivered with absolute power that still sends chills down my spine. (Especially Shara Worden’s vocals, holy smokes.) -Logan

Andrew Bird

Noble Beast
Andrew Bird [Fat Possum]
mp3: Andrew Bird – Fitz & Dizzyspells

Noble Beast isn’t as quirky as Weather Systems or The Mysterious Production of Eggs, and it doesn’t have the teeth of Armchair Apocrypha – instead, Bird went off and did this really rare thing: he made an incredibly complex and meticulously intricate album that also succeeds at being completely and un-deniably beautiful. Not just that, it’s also really fun. Off the top of my head I can’t think of a single album this finely crafted that is also so instantly enjoyable, at least not released in recent years. Songs like “Fitz & Dizzyspells” or “The Privateers” are so pretty, and even catchy, that you almost don’t realize the ridiculous amount of things going on in every recorded second – and who says that good art has to be hard to enjoy?! Even after a whole year, these songs are still original and exciting to me – and I still can’t listen to them without thinking “How on earth did he come up with that?!” I bet I’ll still be thinking that for years to come. -Chris

Joshua James

Build Me This
Joshua James [Northplatte/Intelligent Noise]
mp3: Joshua James – Pitchfork

We got ahold of Build Me This around the same time we got Aim & Ignite (see #14) and they couldn’t have gone together better. Chris and I both loved Joshua’s first release, The Sun is Always Brighter, but having seen him perform (more than just about any other artist), we craved the Joshua James that we saw live, but only caught glimpses of on his first album. The Joshua James we saw perform was heavy and the way in which he presented his music, so strained and filled with emotion, it felt as though your heart was breaking along with his. Lyrically and musically Build Me This is the antithesis of Aim & Ignite. It’s one of the most unabashedly truthful albums I’ve heard all year and it comes closest to capturing how enchanting this man’s music really is. -Logan


Fanfarlo [Atlantic]
mp3: Fanfarlo – Finish Line

I’m slightly ashamed to admit the reason I first listened to Reservoir: it only cost $1. However, best $1 I have ever spent. I’m kind of obsessed with Fanfarlo. I read their blog,= I’ve been following  their ‘advent calender‘ as they post something new every day ’til Christmas, I have even checked their Twitter (checked their ‘tweets’?) and through it all I’m convinced they are some of the most delightful people I’ve never known and that they absolutely love making music. Fanfarlo’s love of making music is conveyed easily to the listener through Reservoir and I can only imagine what kind of energy they must bring to a live show. -Logan

Passion Pit

Passion Pit [Frenchkiss]
mp3: Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come

For sheer play-time this year, this album wins hands-down – I’ve probably listened to this thing a hundred times, and it still makes me smile every time I put it on. These unlikely kids from Cambridge, MA have created a gem here with their earnest brand of indie dance-pop, and I think the only adequate way to describe the record is “unstoppable” – I mean, with songs like “Little Secrets”, “Moth’s Wings”, “The Reeling”, and “To Kingdom Come” all in a row I don’t know what else to call it. That doesn’t even include the hype-monster “Sleepyhead” or my personal favorites “Let Your Love Grow Tall” or “Seaweed Song”. Basically, there just isn’t a bad cut on here. I may have been one of the skeptics who didn’t think they had a full album in them, but now – well, let’s just say that given the day this would make a hard case for my favorite album of the year. -Chris

The Antlers

The Antlers [Frenchkiss]
mp3: The Antlers – Bear [Explicit]

This was my go-to album of the year. If I didn’t know what I was in the mood for, I played Hospice and was never disappointed. If I had never read the press release that came with it or read any number of the blog posts concerning the concept behind it, one thing would still be clear just from listening, Hospice is one of the most intensely personal records I’ve ever heard, both for the author, Peter Silberman, and for the listener. You follow Peter through the whole album, his heartbreak and grief becomes your heartbreak and grief and his loss becomes your loss. It’s almost unsettling at how the album can so totally draw you in . Hospice is a breath-takingly beautiful journey. -Logan

Harlem Shakes

Technicolor Health
Harlem Shakes [Gigantic]
mp3: Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game

When it came time to start pulling together a year-end list, there were a couple records vying for the top spot in my mind. I made a short list and started listening to each of them again, with my only goal being to name one of them as my favorite album of 2009. It had been a month or two since I’d listened to Technicolor Health, so I wasn’t positive this would be my pick. But just like the first time I heard it, this record ended up completely flooring me – and I wasn’t even through the first track when I thought “Oh yeah. This is it.” It’s just everything I wanted in a record this year – it’s big and bold and smart and happy and hopeful and human. Some of those might sound a little sappy, but this record has an intense feeling of persistent optimism running throughout its ten tracks. In a Daytrotter interview, the band described the album’s mission statement as “defiantly avoiding despair” – and when the album opens with the call “I feel it in my fingers, there are changes coming soon” and another song’s chorus swells with the phrase “This year will be a better year”, it’s clear they hit they’re mark. Like its cover art, the record paints a picture of hope amidst the wreckage, and a sense of humor in all the insanity – a perfect way to close out a confusing and often dark decade, while looking forward to a (hopefully) brighter future. Sonically, the music matches the lyrical themes – as they throw everything they’ve got into the mix to create a dense and buoyant sound that’s never saccharine, but is consistently upbeat. (In light of full disclosure, this record might have just won for containing this line: “Sick of dressing like a human when I’m feeling like a leopard.” Just saying.) Sadly, there won’t be a follow-up to this gem of an indie-pop record (Harlem Shakes broke up in September, leaving only this and an earlier EP behind), but with guitarist Todd Goldstein still performing as ARMS, and the four other talented members now loose on the NYC scene, we’re still hoping for more great things to come. -Chris

Here’s our individual lists for the year, including several that narrowly missed our combined list. Every single one is worth spending time with:

Chris’s Picks:
1. Harlem Shakes – Technicolor Health
2. Passion Pit – Manners
3. Andrew Bird – Noble Beast
4. Loney Dear – Dear John
5. Joshua James – Build Me This
6. M. Ward – Hold Time
7. Karen O & The Kids – Where The Wild Things Are Soundtrack
8. The Antlers – Hospice
9. A.C. Newman – Get Guilty
10. Fanfarlo – Reservoir
11. Charles Spearin – The Happiness Project
12. The Dodos – Time To Die
13. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
14. Laura Gibson – Beasts of Seasons
15. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career
16. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
17. A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose
18. Taken By Trees – East of Eden
19. Clare & The Reasons – Arrow
20. J. Tillman – Year In The Kingdom
21. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
22. Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca
23. The Rest – Everyone All At Once
24. Le Loup – Family
25. Mason Jennings – Blood of Man

Logan’s Picks:
1. The Antlers – Hospice
2. Harlem Shakes – Technicolor Love
3. Fanfarlo – Reservoir
4. Joshua James – Build Me This
5. Passion Pit – Manners
6. Andrew Bird – Noble Beast
7. The Decemberists – The Hazards of Love
8. The xx – xx
9. Winter Gloves – About a Girl
10. Fun. – Aim & Ignite
11. A.C. Newman – Get Guilty
12. Portugal. The Man – The Satanic Satanist
13. Le Loup – Family
14. The Mountain Goats – The Life of the World to Come
15. Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
16. The Dodos – Time to Die
17. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
18. Patrick Wolf – The Bachelor
19.  Langhorne Slim – Be Set Free
20. Neko Case – Middle Cyclone
21. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
22. Ólafur Arnalds – Found Songs
23. Vetiver – Tight Knit
24. Grand Archives – Keep in Mind Frankenstein
25. Yusuf – Roadsinger

1.Andrew Bird – Noble Beast

2.The Antlers – Hospice

3.Loney Dear – Dear John

4.Joshua James – Build Me This

5.M. Ward – Hold Time

6.Karen O & The Kids – Where The Wild Things Are OST

7.A.C. Newman – Get Guilty

8.Fanfarlo – Reservoir

9.Charles Spearin – The Happiness Project

10.The Dodos – Time To Die

11.Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

12.Laura Gibson – Beast of Seasons***

13.Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career***

14.Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

15.A.A. Bondy – When The Devil’s Loose***

16.Taken By Trees – East of Eden***

17.Clare & The Reasons – Arrow

18.J. Tillman – Year in the Kingdom

19.Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

20.Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca***

21.The Rest – Everyone All At Once

22.Le Loup – Family

Mason Jennings – Blood Of Man

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  1. Ryan N.’s avatar

    great list guys. now I have more albums to add to my “whale in a cubicle” playlist. yes, I have a whole playlist dedicated to the stuff you guys review.

  2. julia’s avatar

    thanks for sharing! wonderful list.

  3. Briggamon’s avatar

    So somehow I only had the old WIAC website on my google reader thinger. I just saw Logan’s post and went, “wait a second, they are still posting!”. I saw that “jonkmusic” had your link…but I still didn’t know. Now I need to spend days catching up. I am already loving the top 25 post. Thanks.

    And- Merry Christmas.

  4. fork/knife’s avatar

    Cool list guys. There are a some albums on here I’ll have to check out. Also, loving the new site! Looks great.


  5. Joe W.’s avatar

    Hey guys, looks like another solid list of albums. I’m still pretty unfamiliar with most of the bands, except for AA Bondy. I am super glad that he made the cut. I have been listening to him a lot lately. I don’t know anyone else who loves music more than you guys.

  6. Brad’s avatar

    Loved your list! Saw Fanfarlo live in DC last weekend and they are certainly one of the best up-and-coming bands right now. It’s nice to see some love for the Harlem Shakes though it’s sad to see them split.

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