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You may remember the Harlem Shakes (the band, not the meme) from the top of a little list we compiled back in 2009.

Well, a lot of people are just now starting to pay attention to this fantastic (though, sadly, defunct) band’s twitter account… that is, if “paying attention” means “mistaking it for the official account of some recent internet dance craze”. So crazy, these kids!

You can read Buzzfeed’s rather perfect breakdown of the whole thing RIGHT HERE.

If only more people had been reading WiAC back in 2009, we wouldn’t keep having problems like these.

mp3: Harlem Shakes – Nothing But Change Part II


*Ok, not quite.

But this is still pretty great. Sterogum has compiled a HUGE list of Ben Gibbard covers. You’ll find Ben in all his various incarnations: DCFC, solo, Postal Service, and even duets with his wife Zooey Deschanel. (awww…cute.)

I haven’t listened to all of them yet, its a pretty daunting list, but I’ve listened to quite a few. There are some fantastic songs but most seem to be just ok. There are a few that aren’t any good. Don’t ask me to list which are which. I’d rather you explore and find out yourself…you might be surprised. (i.e. Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”)

link: Cover songs by Ben Gibbard

p.s. I actually really like DCFC’s new single “You Are a Tourist.” At the very least it made me super nostalgic and I found myself listening to Transatlanticism and The Photo Album. Great albums.


Since I’m still a Twitter hold-out I was a little behind on this, but have you heard of @discographies?? He reduces entire musical careers to 140 characters or less, and he’s kind of amazing at it. Here’s some favorites:

The Decemberists: 1-3 “Wand’ring wide, we sailed our tales…” 4-5 “…o’er the topographic ocean.” 6 “Safely home, we commenced to jangle.”

Kanye West: 1-3 “I was a good student.” 4 “But after graduation, I got depressed.” 5 “All I did was surf the web and listen to Meat Loaf.”

Weezer: 1 “Remember that nerdy guy from high school?” 2 “The one who couldn’t talk to girls?” 3-7 “Why are you still hanging out with him?”

Green Day: 1-2 “Retro-punk 4ever, dude! We’ll never sell out or slow down or write rock operas!” 3 Sell out. 4-6 Slowdown. 7-8 Rock operas.

LCD Soundsystem: 1 “Music about other music…”; 2 “…acquires unexpected resonance…”; 3 “…if you explain the trick and then vanish.”

Check it out.

UPDATE: I just read an interview with the anonymous writer of @discographies, wherein he says this, the most true thing I’ve ever read about modern music consumption:

“Since we’re now at a point where it costs virtually nothing to acquire and store someone’s life work the one truly valuable commodity that still surrounds music consumption is the expenditure of time necessary to hear all the stuff you’ve downloaded. If [a] hypothetical 15 year old has just BitTorrented Neil Young’s entire corpus of work onto her computer, she’ll probably be a lot happier if the first album she plays isn’t Old Ways, but who’s going to tell her that? That’s where I see @Discographies as having real utility above and beyond whatever entertainment value it may possess. If I can steer just one person away from This Note’s For You and towards Tonight’s The Night, it will all have been worthwhile.”

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My wife has written a post on her infatuation with Elvis as a little girl. It’s called “I was ten, and there was no Bieber”, and you should probably read it.

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