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My Friday just got a whole lot better. Coldplay just released a new single- “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”. It’s upbeat and catchy, and I dig it. The word is that it will be part of an album produced (again) by Brian Eno, and will be released this Fall. Have a listen.

For kicks, here’s something that just popped up on my radar- Chris Martin singing with Faultline (David Kosten). It’s dark and haunting, and I dig it too.  It sort of brings balance to the force with the happy new single above.

mp3: Faultline feat. Chris Martin – Where Is My Boy
from the album Your Love Means Everything (buy it here)

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Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore

So… you may not know this, but music is awesome.  It’s amazing how sometimes a song will not even catch your fancy one moment, but perhaps when your circumstances change, you might have an aha moment and find yourself thinking ,“So THAT’S what the song meant.” I had one of those moments with this song.  We’ve posted about Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore previously.  I had listened to their music many times and while I certainly enjoyed it, nothing really jumped out and spoke to me. And then … my circumstances changed.  My wife and I found out we’ re expecting a baby girl.   As I continued listening to Dear Companion, I heard “Try” with new ears.  As I’m sure you’ve done, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t really heard what the song was saying.  It spoke to me, about the worries and fears of bringing a child into the world, and at the same time it expressed the excitement that comes with having a child.  He talks about how I feel right now, absolutely in love with this little child I haven’t even met.

I can’t wait to hold your little hand
Hold your hand, child
Hold your little hand

Give, give, give
How to give it all to someone not yet born
That must be how
We’ve learned to love

mp3: Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – Try
from the album Dear Companion

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This past month has been a little rough here in Las Vegas, where I attend dental school. This is the last semester I have of real intense bookwork… and because it’s the last one, the professors decided to end with a bang (13 exams in 5 days, with a few presentations thrown in for good measure). Needless to say, I spent a lot of time studying. The one thing that keeps me sane during those long nights in front of my computer screen is, as you would guess… music. Under normal circumstances, I can focus just fine listening to anything in my library. However, after very few hours of sleep for not so few days, I stick to the instrumental stuff. Lyrics seem to take my focus off of what I’m attempting to study/memorize sometimes. As I went about my studies there were a few songs in my all-instrumental “study mix” that were so good, they still grabbed my attention. I’ve decided to post a few. It’s a little different than the usual genres you see around here, but it’s good to expand your horizons, right?

mp3: Lang Lang – River Waltz
from the album The Painted Veil

mp3: John Williams – Doctor, Lawyer, Lutheran
from the album Catch Me If You Can

mp3: Ennio Morricone – The Mission
from the album The Mission

mp3: Yann Tiersen – Mother’s Journey
from the album Good bye Lenin!

mp3: Explosions In The Sky – Your Hand In Mine (With Strings)
from the album Friday Night Lights

mp3: Bjork – Overture
from the album Selmasongs

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I thought this cover was fun, so I decided to share.  Pomplamoose has a whole album of covers that you can download for free over yonder.  They have quite the eclectic mix of artists… from Aerosmith to Beyonce to Sound of Music, with a christmas tune thrown in for good measure.  She has wonderfully lazy jazz-like vocals, dissonant harmonies, mixed with some fun instrumentation.  I love how they take artistic license around the two minute mark. Have a listen.

mp3: Pomplamoose – Single Ladies
from the album
Pomplamoose Covers (get it for free here)

As a bonus, here’s another cover I’ve enjoyed recently.
mp3: The Morning Benders – Lovefool



Well, I’m a bit new around here, but had to spread the word about Matt Pond PA’s new album.   It’s called The Dark Leaves, and it’s due out April 6th via Altitude Records.

Someone (whose name starts with a “T” and rhymes with Mobler) described them to me as a more accessible version of The Shins, and I think that’s a fairly good description.  I am in love with their catchy beats and rockin’ sounds, intermingled with those wonderful strings.  …Oh those strings.  I’m discovering that I’m a sucker for almost anything with a cello.

Anyway, get excited for this record, because these guys put out some amazing music.  Here’s a few tracks to prove it.  The first one, Starting, is from their new record.  It’s got all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from Matt Pond.  The second is one of my absolute favorites.

mp3: Matt Pond PA – Starting
from the album The Dark Leaves (due out April 6th!)

mp3: Matt Pond PA – New Hampshire
from the album Emblems (buy it here)